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Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care

MLK Jr. Community Hospital California Hospital

Eisner Health’s team of obstetricians and certified nurse-midwives work together to provide 24/7 coverage for all hospital births at Dignity Health-California Hospital Medical Center and Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital. We emphasize mother and baby-centered care to support all deliveries and have a special expertise in high-risk pregnancies, such as women with diabetes, hypertension, a pregnancy with twins, or if there is a medical history that requires additional attention.

Our team also boasts a low cesarean rate of 10% compared to the national rate of 33%, and we provide hydrotherapy in labor for eligible clients at Dignity Health-California Hospital Medical Center.

Certified Nurse-Midwifery Program
We have licensed certified nurse-midwives with extensive experience caring for pregnant women. An example of the unique support women can expect is for VBAC –Vaginal Birth After having a Cesarean. Eisner’s low cesarean rate of 10% compared to the national rate of 33% attests to the great support for a natural childbirth experience provided by our Certified Nurse-Midwives. The Nurse Midwifery Program at Eisner also provides hydrotherapy in labor for eligible clients.

Centering Pregnancy
This national model of prenatal care offers patient centered care in which pregnant women have the opportunity to participate in prenatal care. We offer virtual classes to support prenatal care and help prepare expectant parents through their journey.

Prenatal Education Program
Our health education specialists offer monthly virtual classes on topics including nutrition, prenatal care, exercise, breastfeeding, baby care, childbirth preparation, postpartum care, car seat safety, and family planning. Participants receive a supply of diapers after completing five classes and a stroller after completing 10.

High Risk Clinic
A specialized team monitors a pregnancy when the mother has a medical condition such as diabetes, hypertension, a pregnancy with twins, or if there is a medical history that requires special attention. Their expertise increases the likelihood of a safe delivery and healthy mother.

Monthly Baby Shower
Each month, we host a baby shower for patients where we review a variety of services which are available to them and their newborns. Our patients receive a catered lunch, participate in various games, and win gifts for their baby. The gifts are made possible by our generous sponsor, the Good+Foundation.

Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program
This program consists of individual visits with a health worker for special support during pregnancy. These health workers assist with referrals to dental care, case managers for social support, help with insurance issues, and other services as needed.

Family Planning Services
Education and counseling on a variety of birth control methods are available to help plan and prevent pregnancy. These methods include: subdermal implant, IUDs, and Tubal Ligation and Essure sterilization procedures.

Patient Relations
Assistance applying for medical insurance coverage through MediCal, Covered California and FPACT.

Nutrition Counseling
Individual nutrition advice from a Registered Dietician is available as needed for discussions around a healthy weight, glucose control management and other conditions.

Breastfeeding Support
In addition to the breastfeeding classes, Lactation Educators and a Lactation Consultant are available for individual breastfeeding support for patients.

Labor & Delivery Service
The OB team of Obstetricians and Nurse Midwives provide 24/7 coverage for all hospital births at California Hospital Medical Center and the new Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital.

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