Lead Registered Dental Assistant, Sherman Oaks, CA

Quick Facts:

Eisner Health is seeking a Lead Registered Dental Assistant to join our professional team. This is a full-time position that requires a minimum of two years RDA experience in the dental back office. He or she will be reporting to the dental department supervisor. The Lead shall keep the Dental supervisor abreast of daily office activities. Knowledge of all areas in this department is a must. This position is expected to train as well as delegate duties to other assistants throughout the department. The Lead Assistant is the “go-to” person in the Orthodontic area and whenever the Supervisor is not present. The Lead shall be able to communicate well with others and follow all policies and procedures with professionalism. This position requires the full understanding and active participation in fulfilling the mission of Eisner Health.

Lead duties include:

1. Follows daily work instructions given by his/her Supervisor.

2. Helps train new hires in various areas.

3. Ensures assignments are carried out throughout the dept. in an efficient manner.

4. Takes notes on a regular basis and meets with supervisor (weekly) to discuss improvement.

5. Communicates flow of the department with Supervisor and or Director.

6. Participates by providing topics or areas of concern during Staff Meetings.

7. Completes other miscellaneous assignments instructed by Supervisor.

8. Takes leadership role when Supervisor is not present and reports to Supervisor upon return.

9. Oversees that all supplies are ordered/ recorded in the log monthly.

10. Checks monthly that logs are up to date.

General Supervision: A circumstance of treatment in which the dental professional must diagnose and authorize the work to be performed on the patient by the dental staff but it is not requires being on the premises while the treatment is carried out.

1. Extra-oral duties or procedures specified by the supervising licensed dentist provided that these duties or procedures meet the definition of a basic supportive procedure specified in Section 1750.

2. Operate dental radiography equipment for the purpose of oral radiography if the dental assistant has complied with the requirements of Section 1656.

3. Ability to take Blood Pressure

4. Perform intraoral and extra oral photography.

5. Greets patients and assists them while waiting to be seen by the dentist.

6. Prepares patient for the procedure/treatment

7. Prepares all necessary instruments, equipment and models for the procedure/treatment

8. Assists the patient in clean-up after the procedure or treatment.

9. Maintains accurate documentation on the patient’s records during and after the procedure/treatment.

10. Explains treatments and procedures to patient/parent or guardian.

11. Provides patient education on dental care and hygiene.

12. Files all information (including dental films) in patient’s charts after they are received and reviewed by the dentist.

13. Cleans and disinfects operatories after each patient and at the end of the day

14. Cleans the equipment/instruments after use; prepares them for sterilization.

15. Calls patients to confirm their appointments for the next day. Sends out notices to “No Show” patients.

16. Replenishes stock in the dental operatories after each procedure or treatment, in preparation for the next patient.

17. Answers the phones and provides assistance to callers as needed.

18. Maintains inventory of dental supplies and prepares orders as needed.

19. Informs Dental Supervisor of broken or malfunctioning equipment

Direct Supervision: A circumstance of treatment in which the dental professional must be present on the premises to diagnose, authorize, and approve all work performed on the patient by the members of the dental staff.

1. Apply nonaerosol and noncaustic topical agents.

2. Apply topical fluoride. (May operate under general supervision when operating in a school-based setting or government run public health program, see section 1750.1(c))

3. Place and remove rubber dams or other isolation devices.

4. Place, wedge, and remove matrices for restorative procedures.

5. Place post-extraction dressings after inspection of the surgical site by the supervising licensed dentist.

6. Place periodontal dressings.

7. Remove periodontal dressings.

8. Remove post-extraction dressings after inspection of the surgical site by the supervising licensed dentist.

9. Remove sutures after inspection of the site by the dentist.

10. Take intraoral impressions for all nonprosthodontic appliances.

11. Goes with the dentist to off-site dental screening and patient education sessions.

12. Examine orthodontic appliances.

13. Perform measurements for the purposes of orthodontic treatment.

14. Place ligature ties and archwires.

15. Remove orthodontic bands.

16. Cure restorative or orthodontic materials in operative site with a light-curing device.

17. Place and remove orthodontic separators.

18. Remove ligature ties and archwires.

19. After adjustment by the dentist, examine and seat removable orthodontic appliances and deliver care instructions to the patient.

20. Chemically prepare teeth for bonding.

21. Adjust dentures extra-orally.

22. Mouth-mirror inspections of the oral cavity, to include charting of obvious lesions, existing restorations, and missing teeth.

23. Apply and activate bleaching agents using a non-laser light-curing device.

24. Place bases, liners, and bonding agents.

25. Place, adjust, and finish direct provisional restorations.

26. Fabricate, adjust, cement, and remove indirect provisional restorations, including stainless steel crowns when used as a provisional restoration.

27. Dry endodontically treated canals using absorbent paper points.

28. Remove excess cement from surfaces of teeth with a hand instrument.

29. Polish coronal surfaces of the teeth.

30. Application of Pit and Fissure Sealants if certified


1. Must possess a High School Diploma/GED

2. Must be fluent in Bilingual English and Spanish

3. Prior Dental Assisting experience required (min 2 years) as an RDA

4. Possess a certification as a Dental Assistant

5. Must have a current CPR Certification

6. Must possess a current license from the Dental Board for a Registered Dental Assistant

7. Must possess a Pit and Fissure Sealant Certificate (if licensed after January 1, 2010).

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