Childbirth Educator, Part Time: Saturday Sessions

Quick Facts:

Eisner Health is seeking an experienced educator to join our team! The Childbirth Educator is responsible for effectively teaching a series of Childbirth Preparation classes to women and their partners in the third trimester of the pregnancy. The Educator facilitates group instruction and discussion in prepared childbirth, newborn and breastfeeding basics based on updated theory and evidence based research for a comprehensive prenatal education of clients receiving prenatal care at Eisner Health. The childbirth Educator must provide education with a cultural sensitive approach to the diverse population of service. The responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, the following;

  • Maintain a professional Childbirth Educator certificate that is up to date and attend trainings for current literature review.
  • Conducts childbirth education series as assigned, including Saturdays
  • Provides quality parent education to women and their family members in accordance with the curriculum developed at Eisner Health
  • Presents material in a clear and understandable manner with particular awareness of psychosocial issues surrounding pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting.
  • Demonstrates ability to work well in a group setting of a diverse community
  • Connects women and their family members to resources available at Eisner Health and community based organizations as needed.
  • Identifies education needs of patients to provide effective behavior modification interventions.
  • Participates in the development and review of patient education materials, handouts and development of educational tools to enhance the classes.
  • Serves as a resource to expectant parents in class to answer their questions about pregnancy, delivery, hospital policies and procedures at California Hospital Medical Center as the place of delivery for Eisner Health Patients.
  • Conducts Post-class surveys provided by the Health Education Manager for feedback on customer satisfaction and knowledge gained in sessions.
  • Maintains all teaching supplies in order after classes and reports any teaching supply needs.
  • Consults and collaborates with Health Education Manager and providers for the support of patients’ behavioral health.
  • Works closely with the Health Education and CPSP team to promote patient participation.
  • Works collaboratively and professionally with staff from the WHC and other departments.
  • In collaboration with supervisor plans the annual Calendar of Childbirth Sessions and other classes as needed for consistency and reliability.
  •  Complies with work time schedule.


Requirements and Qualifications

  • This position requires working on Saturdays
  • Childbirth Educator Certificate required


  • Woman's Health Center
    1513 S. Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90015
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