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Celebrating 25,000 Births in 25 years…

Celebrating 25,000 Births in 25 years…

“Our Eisner midwives are awesome!  I had the best Midwifery Week! October 6th marked my second year at Eisner as a midwife.  It’s our practice’s 25th anniversary in South Park, but women come from as far as Covina, Long Beach and Santa Clarita to share with us.  The Eisner midwives deliver babies at both California Hospital and Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital and have attended over 25,000 births!  With a 9% primary cesarean rate and >90% VBAC success rate, we currently meet Healthy People’s 2020 goal for the Cesarean rate.  It’s hard to believe but these stats speak only vaguely to the wide variety of services provided.  I am so proud to have earned a spot at this table.”

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