Daddy Boot Camp

A future fathers workshop to provide the support and information on how to care for a baby at home and start the fatherhood journey with confidence. Open to dads before your baby arrives.

-What to expect after the birth of your baby

-What to do with a crying baby

-How to change diapers and more


    • Diaper gift after completing 5 classes while supplies last
    • Stroller for your baby after completing 10 classes while supplies last
    • Children welcome in all classes except Lamaze

** Please Note

  1. Expectant Mother must be a patient at Eisner, and not have delivered
  2. Exclusively available to partners of Eisner patients
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  • Women’s Health Center
    1513 S. Grand Ave., Ste. 220 & Ste. 250 Los Angeles
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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