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Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Services


At Eisner Health, our staff is bilingual and consists of both therapists and students from social work and Marriage and Family Therapy (“MFT”) programs who work with children and teenagers under age 18. Additionally, we have one child psychiatrist who is available for consultation on diagnostic treatment questions regarding our more complex patients. We also provide in-the-field services (home, school, etc...) for more severely affected youth.

We have some capacity to see uninsured adults if they are Eisner Health patients through a co-located therapist from Amanecer Community Counseling Center, a large Department of Mental Health agency. We also have co-located clinicians from Special Service Group (“SSG”) who see our chronically mentally ill adults and provide therapy and medication management by a psychiatrist. An SSG therapist is available one day per week at Eisner Health's main facility and one day at the Eisner Health Family Medicine Center at California Hospital.

Pediatric and Adolescent Services

Individual Therapy
During one-on-one counseling sessions, children learn to function better with their friends, at home and in school.

Family Therapy
During family therapy sessions, the child is still considered the patient, but we also focus on helping the entire family heal.

Parenting Program
Through our parenting program and other tools, we help families grow closer and more supportive through the very successful Positive Parenting Program (“PPP”). This program is for children ages 2-16 who are labeled as having disruptive behavior outside of the normal childhood behavior. The therapist and case manager observe both the parent and child in the clinic and the home and reinforce positive parenting.

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (“TFCBT”)
We can help families, specifically children from ages 5-18, who have experienced effects from traumatic events such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, community violence and bullying. We also offer other evidence-based treatments to address anxiety, depression and interpersonal distress.

Adult Services

Integrated Behavioral Health (“IBH”)
We co-locate clinicians in the medical departments and either through screening information or a red flag in the primary care visit, the patient is introduced to a therapist by the provider in a “warm hand-off.” The clinician conducts a brief functional assessment and implements behavioral activation techniques for symptom reduction. If these “hand-off” patients need more than a few primary care clinic sessions, they are referred for ongoing weekly treatment.

Ongoing Treatment for Medi-Cal Patients
We are able to see adults with Medi-Cal in weekly sessions for ongoing treatment. The adults we see are those with anxiety, depression or trauma that can benefit from a short-term intervention (3-6 months).

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